Apple now blocks all third party-cookies in Safari

  • Safari is a Web Browser on Apple devices that was initially released in 2003.
  • Safari’s new version 13.1 upgraded through the Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) privacy aspect.

Apple now, finally, boasts the ability to block all third party-cookie by default in Safari that means advertiser or web pages are not more able to follow you through the Internet using any tracking technology.

Apple’s engineer John Wilander announced the development in a Twitter tweet and blog post. Apple becomes one of those few browsers that block all the cookies for its users.

Google launched Chrome v80 at the start of February which supports third party-cookie blocking, but the updates won’t fully release until 2022. Apple’s first ITP in safari had introduced three years back, where it is instantly organized a new bar for web privacy in mobile phones and laptops which blocks some cookies, though not all. Wilander comprehended that ITP has a security to protect their users from being traced by the trackers. According to Wilander Safari is also adding a new feature on Safari so that no websites would able to use user log-in IDs and fingerprints to avoid any kind of tracking.

Wilander also thanked to Google Chrome for helping him developing and progression ITP. He goes on to further details for some other more elements of upgrading ITP. But in short, Wilander quoted that Safari is again setting up a new web privacy bar that will be followed by him and other companies. It is the best way introduced to date by him to block cookies in Safari. He takes place to guide a few others also he declares Safari has once again demolished a brand-new level for internet privacy which is very useful for himself and other business running companies.

Photo: stockcam via Getty Images

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