Game Downloads to be Stifled to Avoid Overloading Bandwidth

A few days ago people got to know that streaming services and social media apps were facing a lot of problems and they were being asked to reduce the average quality of the content that they were providing for people mostly because of the fact that they needed to make sure that the larger number of people that are staying at home due to quarantines and lockdowns. It turns out that streaming services are not the only ones that are being forced to take measures to prevent the internet from getting too congested.

Game downloads can place quite a strain on the internet as well due to the reason that the files are quite huge, often times being dozens of gigabytes in size which would make a high volume of downloads something that would undoubtedly overload the internet. Now, the thing about this that makes it so dangerous is that the internet is in many ways the sole source of information that people would be willing to use. Hence, if the internet gets overloaded then this could mean that people would no longer have access to really important information that they would need to help them get through this pandemic.

While it would still be possible for you to download a game that you really want to play, the fact of the matter is that the download would occur at a much slower rate. Basically, the bandwidth allocation is being throttled so if you are planning on playing a particular game then it is highly recommended that you start downloading it immediately otherwise it is unlikely that you would actually be able to use it in a way that end up allowing you to play it anytime soon. Games are a great way to get through these periods of isolation so we highly recommend that you start playing them.

"Akamai (a content delivery network) is working with leading distributors of software, particularly for the gaming industry, including Microsoft and Sony, to help manage congestion during peak usage periods. This is very important for gaming software downloads which account for large amounts of internet traffic when an update is released — a software update for a modern game generates an amount of traffic roughly equal to 30,000 web pages.", explained Tom Leighton in a blog post.

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