Now you can ‘finally’ backup local contacts via Google

In this digital era, most of us make use of Google Contacts to manage our contacts – instead of paper-based phone diaries. And now, Google will finally enable the users to backup contacts that were created locally as well.

Up until now, Google Contacts and other similar Android apps were able to sync contacts through Google accounts and carrier backup service. But what happens if you create a contact locally? And what about the horror that you face when the phone is reset? All the contacts wipe out along with the other data on the phone!

Luckily, Google Contacts is now rolling out an option that would allow you to backup and sync all contacts that are locally stored to your Google account. Simply turn on the feature by going to the Settings or accepting the option when it sends a notification on your device.

According to reports, the feature is rolling out to all users gradually and would be available within a few weeks.

Hat Tip: Androidpolice.

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