LinkedIn determine to bring stories on its platform

Like in human beings, companies also adopt their competitor's strategies. That’s the reason why Facebook shamelessly copied the idea of STORIES of Snapchat due to which Instagram and other social media sites platform introduced Status and Stories. Now, LinkedIn is also planning to copy the idea like every other application to add some colors to its corporate and job related site.

Pete Davies, Content products’ head at LinkedIn, said that the company is trying to add stories on the site to reach more users. The head thinks that stories would provide a casual pathway to interact with the users. Mr. Davies imagines that stories could be used to share tips to work smartly or to share the moments of on-going event with the users.

LinkedIn has long history of trying to add and bring trendy features on its app and site. In 2018, the site tested video filter like feature, Students Voices. Student Voices was made to give ground to students to posts their videos in campus playlist to make it more like a social media app. However, it did not receive praise and attention because it was limited to particular audience.

However, stories seems to cater larger public, through, it is not confirmed. The releasing date is also not confirmed. The aim of introducing STORIES is to engage young audience because Mr. Head thinks that youth is used to of stories and it is his point of view that addition of features of social media (Trending news, reactions and live video) has increased the engagement by 25 percent.

The future how much stories feature will be appreciated can be predicted but it can be hoped that it will bring positive change in Microsoft owned site.

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