LinkedIn Enables Pinned Posts With New “Featured” Section

LinkedIn has been adding a lot of new features in order to make it so that the people that use it on a regular basis have a lot of options when it comes to getting the kind of experience that they are searching for. However, there is always room for improvement, and for the most part it seems like LinkedIn is the sort of social network that is consistently trying to improve since it is competing with some other platforms that are a lot better established than LinkedIn has managed to be so far.

A new feature, as spotted by Julia Bramble and shared by Matt Navarra, that is coming to the platform is definitely going to leave a few people feeling quite excited in a lot of ways, and this has to do with a change that is coming to profiles. Now each profile is going to have a “featured” section where you will be able to have some control over what people see when they first stumble across your profile, and an essential part of this would definitely be the pinned posts that you would now be able to select which would be the very first thing that any onlooker would be able to see.

Pinned posts are often quite important because of the fact that they can give people that are checking out your profile a glimpse into the kind of personality you have, as well as more specifically what you can offer them if they were to connect with you in some way, shape or form. Most of the time this is a nice feature, and it seems like LinkedIn has, in some ways, taken a leaf out of Twitter’s book in order to provide their users with a good experience.

Update: A LinkedIn's spokesperson clarified to Digital Information World team that, LinkedIn is currently rolling out Featured to members, it is available on desktop, iOS and Android devices. More details can be found at LinkedIn's Help Center here.

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