Instagram’s philanthropic measures: Work on Support Stickers Underway

With the Coronavirus pandemic bringing the world on its knees and causing mass chaos and disarray, the global economy is also facing many ups and downs, and some businesses had to shut down.

Millions of influencers and business owners use Instagram for the promotion and marketing of their businesses and sales of their services and products. They also suffered a major blow because of the over-all critical situation.

To help these people, Jane Manchun Wong reported that Instagram is working on “Support” stickers, to encourage users to buy gift cards from certain businesses or to donate to the brands that they want to support. This is a philanthropic measure on Instagram’s part, to help small businesses and communities during these tough times of Coronavirus pandemic.

This feature, if works out, will be very helpful for all those people who are going through a major dark period because of the lapse in their work and this will also help establish Instagram’s image as a complete package - an application that caters to people with information and entertainment and fulfills their business purposes too.

Another development that has come about the new features of Instagram is that it is planning to add a Video Call button on the Direct thread list.

The global lock-down and situation of self-isolation of people have resulted in an exponentially increased usage of internet and mobile applications. Instagram is not only a photo and video sharing application anymore. It is widely used for business purposes also, and this has made it extremely popular amongst the masses. Most likely, the current situation of “increased demand” has prompted the developing team of Instagram to work on a feature that will allow Direct Video calling.

Contacts had this feature already, so adding it to the Direct thread list may or may not be a practical idea. Its usefulness can only be judged once this feature launches. However, as per the speculations of experts, this is just an average idea, and it may not serve a higher or a better purpose for the Instagram users.

Instagram has been making constant efforts to upgrade its features, and that is appreciable. One more good thing about Instagram is that it does not forget something after launching it. It carefully monitors and if that feature does not prove to be useful, it removes it efficiently. The recent example of this is the removal of the “Follow Activity” tab last year. So, even if this new Video calling button does not prove to be of significant use, then it may get removed too. However, its efficacy depends once it launches.

So far, all seems good with Instagram and its general features.

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Featured photo: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images
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