'Facebook Serves As An Umbrella For Instagram', Says Adam Mosseri

In this day and age, if there is one relationship that is really ruling the world then that has to be the one of Instagram and Facebook. As one can use a lot of words to describe the bonding of the social media giant with its subsidiary, Adam Mosseri Cheif of Instagram has given an appropriate explanation saying that Facebook serves as an Umbrella for Instagram.

This comment was made by Mosseri during an interview with Dylan Byers for NBCNews, where the 37-year old was asked if people generally trust Instagram more despite the largest picture-sharing platform’s intimate relationship with Facebook.

Mosseri, in response, was more blunt enough to say yes along with the following statement:

“For lack of a more elegant phrase, I think Facebook as a company serves as a s--- umbrella for Instagram a lot of the time”.

Now this line came from someone who has worked in all parts of the company. Mosseri has been a part of Facebook since 2008. He first played an integral role in managing the Newsfeed during the 2016 US Presidential Election - especially in case of addressing fake news, and then later became the head of Instagram in 2018.

Although you don’t see Mosseri in the limelight just like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg but he gets the job done most of the times for Facebook too including even if he has to go all over the world, quarrel with CEOs or being called with names. Nonetheless, he is passionate about his association with Facebook and completely enjoys it.

As the interview progressed, Mosseri also shared another interesting fact that he has never met Snapchat Founder Evan Speigel and would be totally up for having a coffee with him.

Facebook has been blamed for copying the top features of Snapchat on a number of occasions, whether it was for Instagram or his own Stories section and the company’s attempts did ruin some of Snapchat’s business. So considering the scenario, would Speigel be up for a coffee date? That’s the hot question after this!

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