Google Play Store Is Working On a Mini-Game, Similar To Dinosaur Game on Chrome

Whenever there is an interruption on the internet on your device while you try to access any website, Google Chrome attempts to keep you entertained with its Dinosaur game that you can play till the internet service is active again.

The controls of the game are simple and according to the company, the character dinosaur depicts the era when there was no internet or Wi-Fi for that matter.

Now the Google Play Store is also working on something similar, a mini-game, Easter Egg. Jane Machun Wong, a reverse engineering expert shared a clip of game on Twitter showing a parachute trying to catch all the eggs. It needs to be saved from all the bars on the way but once it hits, the game is over.

Google is working on creative ways to engage users even if there is no internet and stay intact while the service gets back. However, the company itself has not revealed anything about it officially. It is yet to see whether it will be rolled out or the testing part will go a long way.

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