Google Messages Will Soon Have Reaction Texts Like iMessage

Have you ever felt the need to reply to some messages with a reaction smiley, especially on Android phones? While iMessage already had the feature, you can now also expect Google to introduce the much-anticipated fallout reaction option for their Messages app soon.

As smart as always, the developers at 9to5Google were first to report about the reaction feature as an APK teardown of the Messages app v5.8 showed glimpses of how Google is working on making the “reaction-fallback tests” possible - just very similar to iMessage.

Google's Messages app is already known for its easy-to-use interface and RCS support and together these specialties make the text messaging app undoubtedly the best available on the Android platform currently. However, when it gets compared to the iMessage, the features don’t stand as rich as the ones Apple has brought into its iMessage eco-system since 2016.

For now, Android users kept on receiving a message in the form of "[Username] laughed at an image" whenever they had to chat with iMessage users.

If the changes take place according to the plans, then users would be able to send the “fallback” texts even if the other doesn’t have RCS enabled on their smartphone. But, much like the iMessage texts, the Android Messages app will continue to send reactions as a descriptive text message if you are talking to someone who doesn’t have RCS on their phone.

The reaction text will stand applicable as a response to photos, contacts, gifs, text messages, and videos. In fact another app engineer, Jane Manchun Wong also shared the right implementation of the feature with a screenshot. The list of reaction smileys include thumbs up, thumbs down, smiling face with heart eyes, face with tears of joy, face with mouth open, angry face, and crying face.

There hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding when Google will roll out with the iMessage-like reaction texts to all users. The feature isn’t also included in the new beta version of the Messages app. We may have to wait for a few weeks or months before Google introduces the fallout reactions with absolutely no error!

Featured screenshot: 9to5Google.

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