Google Maps brings the Live View feature – Read all about it here!

Google Maps is finally updating its ‘Live View’ feature and making the option more prominent on the dashboard.

The search giant had announced the update in its 2018 IO developer conference. However, it has just now started rolling out the feature to some parts of the world and we have all the news on how it will work!

The users who have the updated version of Maps will now see a ‘Live View FAB (Floating Action Button)’ at the center of the map. Simply tap on the button to toggle the camera on and find out how far the destination is, along with its directions.

The Live View button is a welcome feature for Google Maps users who often find it troublesome to align their directions when using the traditional Maps interface.

However, the feature is not publicly available to users worldwide while Google has also not made any official statement regarding its release. Nevertheless, it does seem like an interesting feature – and a useful one as well.

Screenshot: 9to5google.

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