New Trends Reveal that Brands have Finally Understood how to Effectively Utilize Social Media!

2019 was certainly a good year as far as social engagement for US brands is concerned. For an average American brand, the said engagement went up 5% during 2019, driven by a double-digit improvement on Twitter and Instagram. Moreover, sponsored videos took the cake once again in regards to post volume as well as combined user actions.

After assessing social activities over YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Shareablee devised a new report that tells us how well the social engagement increased over the last year.

As discussed above, a 5% increase in the overall social engagement or total actions (constituting likes, comments and shares) was observed across major social media platforms. This increase took the number from 71.8 billion to 75.2 billion.

As far as individual contribution is concerned, Instagram’s engagement increased from 67% to 70%. Facebook, on the other hand, experienced a slight dip in its overall engagement as it went from 27% to 24%.

Interestingly, video engagement across these services witnessed an impressive year-over-year increase of 8% (23.9 billion to 25.9 billion). As expected, Instagram’s contribution in this increase was the most noticeable since the engagement of video content on its platform grew from 62% to 73%, thanks to Facebook.

The engagement from retweets and re-posts on Twitter and Facebook dropped to 5.1 billion from 6.2 billion (18% reduction).

Shareablee also discovered that last year, brands (belonging to various industries) received more combined actions as well actions per post despite posting less yet quality content.

When asked about Facebook’s slight fall in regards to the total engagement as compared to Instagram and Twitter, as well as their drop in terms of video content, Tania Yuki (Founder and CEO of Shareablee) explained that it was mainly due to two factors.

Firstly, the video volume on Facebook reduced by 11%, since brands started considering Instagram more suitable for videos. Secondly, people now usually prefer short and meme-type videos instead of longer ones and Instagram is the home to such types of videos.

Yuki also stated that although importance of the 4 platforms that were a part of the report is essential for observing the social trends and engagement, it is time that other rising platforms such as Twitch and TikTok become a part of the discussion as well, since their incorporation would lead to an even detailed assessment of user engagement.

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