YouTube Will Now Let Creators Sell Ads to Brands

YouTube creator community is most concerned about ‘demonetization’ and now to make things feasible, YouTube is working on a new program that will allow creators to directly sell the ads to brands they work with.

The program comes with limitations as it allows creators to work only with brands they have already established a relationship, as per Tom Leung, director of product management at YouTube.

Leung acknowledged that many people will be interested in knowing more about it but the program is in its initial stages. Further details will be shared as soon as possible for the company.

YouTube is now allowing the creators to sell ads just like it has allowed its partners since 2010 to control which ad to display. The question is why creators were not given permission before? There could be a lot of reasons behind including the murky disclosure situations like showing an ad about the same product that is to be talked about in the video.

Creators have been often seen requesting more control over ads and having an advertising strategy that is not dependent on YouTube. An advertising friendly content allows top creators to generate more ad revenue through higher CPM rates, the money they get against every 1,000 views.

The remaining advertising opportunities and ad revenue from those ads are then distributed to the creators which are part of YouTube’s Partner Program.

YouTube earns much from advertising, as in 2019 alone, Google was able to make more than $15 billion through advertising revenue. The issue arises when polices of the platform are changed and then creators have to mold their content strategy as they are dependent on advertising revenue, which with time gets complicated.

Roberto Blake, a YouTuber, said successful creators have grown on the platform through difficulties while coping up with the advertising guidelines. They had to take hard decisions on the way.

With the growing advertising complexities, two other options came in handy, including alternative monetization and brand deals or sponsorship programs. Alternative monetization includes the Super Chat features like it allowing creators to charge fans $5 if they want to have a top comment during the live stream. Also, brand deals are common with several content creators and now they will be able to sell ads to those brands and companies, directly.

However, YouTube has not given details about how many creators will be part of it and whether the platform is planning to expand it in the near future or not.

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