The Smartphone Industry Is Going Through Its Worst Ever Fall Due To Coronavirus

By now everyone in the technology industry agrees that COVID-19 has been their biggest enemy. But can you guess who is hating coronavirus the most? The smartphone makers who have had to bear their worst ever fall in years this February.

The statistics related to the downfall came out after the research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics presented their study and the figures show that there has been a 38% decline in smartphone shipments in February 2020. The total number of units dropped down from 99.2 million in February of 2019 to 61.8 million in the same month of 2020.

Furthermore, the director of the company, Linda Sui has also said that this has been the biggest fall ever in the history of the global smartphone market as the supply and demand continue to plunge in Asia and all around the world. The reason behind this has been clear; with the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of manufacturing units in Asia got shut down, retail stores got closed and the potential customers preferred to buy the necessities instead of investing the same money on a smartphone.

The decline did not only had its impact on expensive models, people are also not willing to buy cheaper models as well.

What’s coming ahead?

It seems like the bad run will continue for the global smartphone market for as long as the COVID-19 dominates. In fact, as the coronavirus is spreading out to different regions, it is bringing the world onto their feet. So despite China recovering from the outbreak, the shipments of smartphones are expected to remain weak in the month of March as well, the results might even turn out to be worse than February.

Maybe the senior analyst of Strategy Analytics, Yiwen Wu is right as the company is suggesting the smartphone makers to think about giving more discounts on their hot products or try out online flash sales. But whatever they decide, it’s definitely the toughest time in the history for smartphone manufacturers.

For the month of February, Samsung stood on top in shipment and sales - mostly because of the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy S20 coming out in the similar month. Apple stood second with Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO and Vivo to follow.

Samsung was also generous enough to offer Galaxy Sanitizing Service to disinfect smartphones for free in all of its retail and service stores with UV-C light. But their decision came in response to how one of their workers got infected by the virus and the company even had to shut down the whole factory in South Korea.

Apple, on the other hand, has already informed its investors that they might miss the second revenue forecast because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, they have come out with newer iPads that attempts to overtake computers.

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