Facebook Messenger Beta updates: UI changed, Dark Mode is now in Settings

Facebook released an update for its iOS Messenger Beta and social media consultant, Matt Navarra gives us the first look on his Twitter profile.

According to Matt, the beta version of Messenger will have a few changes to the messages shortcut. Predominantly, Facebook has added the ‘Spam’ folder for unwanted messages in Messenger app. Also, a message request shortcut will also be integrated within the main interface.

Facebook has also decided to improve the user interface and get rid of the clutter on the main Messenger dashboard. As per reports by Matt, the new updated messaging app will no longer have options for Data, Payments, emoji, and M translation.

Additionally, the new Messenger will also make ‘voice messaging’ convenient for the users. Most of us find it problematic to hold down on the mic button during a voice message. Well, the new updated Messenger Beta will have a ‘hands-free’ memo button that will enable the users to record their voice notes with a single tap.

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