A quick view at Facebook’s Internal Facial Recognition App

Facebook has created an internal facial recognition app that allows users to scan people’s faces and identify them.

The news regarding the app’s existence came in November 2019. However, the app was designed somewhere in 2015 and is accessible to the company’s employees. Now, Vice found some more details regarding the working mechanism of the app.

The app works in a basic manner: when a user points at a person, the AR technology scans its database and presents a pop-up over the person’s face saying, ‘You are friends’. On the other hand, the people who are indistinguishable are marked as ‘unable to recognize.’

When contacted, the company’s spokesperson said that they periodically build apps to use internally. The facial recognition app is also developed for the same purpose and is only in use by Facebook’s employees and their friends who have facial recognition enabled.

The company also states that the aim of the app is to test out technologies internally and Facebook has no plans of releasing it for the public.

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