YouTube dominates all the major apps, takes away most streaming time on mobile devices

YouTube has always been number one and these stats prove it: YouTube dominated the five major streaming apps in the year 2019 and consuming about 70% of the people’s time. Also, note that this is the only app that is not specific to Chine where Google does not even operate.

YouTube has always been everyone’s favorite whether it is to watch old movies, listen to songs,  subscribing entertainment and prank channels, finding skincare videos, etc. The recent data released by AppAnnie shows how far YouTube has come in terms of grabbing more people’s attention each day. Internet users, especially teenagers and youngsters spend most of their time on YouTube.

YouTube’s competitors Netflix, NBCUniversal, Disney, and WarnerMedia are left behind but don’t forget that YouTube is the pioneer in the market. The report shows how fast YouTube is accelerating as compared to these platforms.

Ad revenue and time spent prove YouTube’s continued domination in mobile streaming

YouTube and Netflix are not the same

Even though YouTube is on the top, but it’s really important to understand its difference from other competitors. YouTube is a platform for user-generated content and heavily relies on creator base and advertising revenue. On the other hand, Netflix is a subscription service that invests in scripted and unscripted entertainment.

A lot of subscription-based, streaming services, advertising-based streaming services, and free video apps have entered into the market competing to get most user’s attention. However, Netflix’s competition is also with Google.

Another report from Sandvine also mentioned that YouTube makes up 37% of all downstream mobile internet traffic in the world. Although Netflix got a lot of attention, still, people are not investing enough of their time on Netflix, especially in Brazil, South Korea, Germany, and France; however, they are spending the most time on YouTube and TikTok.

YouTube offers a lot of benefits to users as it is free, it’s music-streaming service, large options to choose from and others, length of videos, which makes it stand out among the competition, especially Netflix.

Although TikTok is also doing great, but it’s not a threat to YouTube as much as it is to Netflix. Also, TikTok is free, which is why it has an upper hand on Netflix.

It will be safe to say that YouTube is the social media giant and the only space where you will find people spending several hours of your day. The competition in the video-streaming area is increasing and YouTube is seen to be taking over the competition.

The aim is not to beat the competition, but to provide users with quality entertainment in traditional method and that too, briefly. As far as mobile viewing is concerned, more and more people are searching for content on these platforms, which is answering their queries is the first task of any video-streaming service.

All of the apps are competing to grab the user’s attention, which is why the competition exists; otherwise, all the apps serve a different purpose.

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