TikTok Continues Roll Out for Web Based Upload

TikTok is one of the biggest apps to have come out in the last couple of years and it is set to make an even bigger mark on the internet and social media in this decade. Part of the expansion plan will undoubtedly mean establishing an audience in a lot more countries than might currently have the app on offer. The fact of the matter is that without looking into the numerous ways in which they can expand beyond this simple technique, TikTok would most certainly not be able to maintain the current level of success that they have managed to obtain all in all.

One thing that TikTok had to focus on was diversifying the range of applications that can be used in order to make sure that users can utilize their platform, and one really important way in which they were doing this was by working on a web browsing experience. For the past month and a half TikTok has slowly been rolling out a web based browsing experience that would allow you at the very least to upload certain videos onto the platform without having to worry all that much about having an app.

This is important because of the fact that pretty much every social media platform except for Snapchat has a web based browsing experience (particularly in terms of content management) that users and community managers can take advantage of, and this is the very thing that would end up making it easier for them to keep coming back to the platform. It also would lay the groundwork for progressive web apps in the future, something that would further make it easier for the average TikTok user to get the most out of their favorite platform. Some would say that this is short sighted though, since Snapchat’s decision to stick to a mobile app has resulted in a highly exclusive experience that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

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