Watch breath-taking views of outer space is now possible on your mobile devices via Google Earth

Google is one of those tech giants that always come up with unique ideas and revolutionary products that change the concept of technology for its users forever.

For people with interests in the satellite and aerial images of the Earth, Google came up with a new product in 2001 named as Google Earth. This product displays a 3D satellite imagery of earth enabling its users to see a variety of cities and landscapes through different angles.

Now, a new update by Google Earth is all meant to attract more people with breath-taking views of outer space.

The recently released feature was already available on the Pro desktop app and was also previously available on the web app of Google Earth as well.

For people using the Google Earth Web app or Pro Desktop app, they can easily get a view of our own planet with stars in the background as well.

Previously the starry background was only available to selected users and for mobile users is showed plain black background but not anymore as the tech giant recently updated its Google Earth mobile app enabling the users to also see a universe full of stars on the phones and tablets as well.

If you rotate the globe, you’ll also see the images of Milky Way as well which were captured by the European Southern Observatory.

As the Google Earth app enables users to look at our planet earth from outside, with this new update the users of Google Earth will be able to see stars in the same way they’d appear to someone living around 30,000 miles above the planet.

Yes, it really sounds awesome for a person with a dream to be a space explorer.

According to Google, this new attempt by the tech giant to add more stars to Earth is an effort by its engineers to make the program look as realistic to its users as much possible and that is also the reason behind the animated clouds in the weather patterns of the world.

Google is the largest tech giant and its only aim is to bring ease for its users as much possible and the launch of new updates every once in a while definitely show that the Google Earth is trying hard to stick to realism in all the possible ways so that people could see the same context in Google Earth app with the one already available in the universe.

Looking forward to more updates by Google Earth making us more close to reality than ever.

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