Google Maps Introduces Hyperspace Animation When Switching Between Planets

Whenever you have to move anywhere in the world, Google Maps is trusted the most with its navigations. In the last few years, Google Maps web version is showing other planets’ surface as well. Now when you switch from one planet to another, it takes users through the hyperspace.

When a user switches from one planet, like earth to any other planet (for example to Moon or even International Space Station), a hyperspace animation is shown. Google did not notify about the update but it is expected that it was added along with the Star Wars franchise. The design of the hyperspace is quite similar to the one shown in the latest movies.

Google Maps introduced the feature of showing other planets in 2017 and soon enabled Street View within International Space Station.

To try it yourself, open Google Maps on the web and zoom out as much as possible. Then open the sidebar and click “Globe” and select the satellite view. Now zoom out a little more and a bar will appear that will have a list of all the planets and moons.

Click on the planet of your choice and Google Maps will take you through the hyperspace animation towards the planet or moon of your choice.

New animation when switching between Planets in Google Maps: from r/google

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