Reddit releases 2019 transparency report: Highlights its effort to maintain content standard

Reddit released its annual transparency report today where the social media platform discusses its protocols for removing spam content.

According to the report, Reddit hosted 2,767,257,085 pieces of content on its platform. This includes posts and comments – both. However, periodically Reddit receives requests to remove some content from its website that seems inappropriate, offensive, or abusive.

To remove such content, Reddit has two options – Moderators and Admins. The Mods are usually community-led and are either selected by default or selected by other moderators while Admins are employees of Reddit who remove content that violates the company’s policy.

In the year 2019, the Mods at Reddit removed 84,140,588 pieces of content from their platform while Admin-removed content was calculated around 53,047,580. In comparison, Reddit mods removed 50,374,368 pieces of content in the year 2018.

Additionally, Reddit notes that they received 110 requests for content removal from government entities. The platform says that it abided to 37.3% requests. The company also notes that it removed 5 times more content for copyright infringement this year when compared to the numbers in 2018.

The detailed report by Reddit can be accessed here.

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