Google Launches Open Source 2FA Platform, OpenSK

Security is a big issue on the internet. When you have such a vast proverbial space where so much information is being spread around, it’s only inevitable that this information might just end up falling into the wrong hands. This is a big part of the reason why two factor authentication (2FA) has become such a big deal, but as of right now there are two basic ways in which you can enable two factor authentication on any account or page that you are creating that you would like to try and keep as secure as possible

The first way involves you receiving a text on your smartphone, but the problem with this is that an SMS can be intercepted so it is not quite as safe as you would like it to be. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can use a Nordic chip dongle as well in such scenarios, but the only problem here is that you don’t have a lot of options that would enable you to truly customize your online security and make it the sort of thing you would be able to rely on because you have chosen it yourself.

If these are issues that you frequently think about then you should really consider looking into the new open source 2FA platform that Google is releasing called OpenSK. This platform is built on language that 2FA experts are already familiar with, and it can be used to encrypt all kinds of information. It’s plain to see that security is becoming more and more advanced as time goes by, which is a big part of the reason why so many tech companies are trying to get ahead of the curve and offer users something that they might never have experience before and would thus provide them with a much greater sense of security than might have been the case otherwise.

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