Apple Introduces A Redesigned Maps App In The US

If there is one thing that has been ever so problematic about Apple, then that has to be their version of the Maps app. Dating back to 2012, when it was first launched, the developers have just not been able to keep up with the precision and comfort that their competitor Google Maps has provided the world over the years.

However, things are expected to change very soon as last Thursday, Apple announced to roll out its new and much-improved Maps app across the United States.

According to the executives, Apple has spent years in reprogramming and rebuilding the application from the scratch. The company had its cars travel millions of miles only to make sure that the maps are more accurate than ever and help people about the surroundings of the place, just the way they have always wanted from their Maps service on the iPhones or iPads as well.

The redesigned Maps app has been made to be faster and more comprehensive while making ways for transit options in certain locations. Moreover, in the words of Apple senior vice president of Internet software and services Eddy Cue, Apple this time will introduce the best and most private Maps app that will also be fully aware of how people explore the world these days.

Tim Cook has had one goal in their mind and that is to enhance lives of people — whether they need directions to work or school or for planning an important vacation — all the data will be private and managed with great safety.

When it comes to features, Apple Maps isn’t far behind Google Maps as users can find pictures of locations that are usually taken at street level or even check the status of flight reservations sent in email boxes or calendars all with the help of artificial intelligence.

But just like the company’s other products, Apple is putting a lot of stress on privacy and therefore, they will no longer take any risk in any data that relates to routing or locations of a consumer.

It will be interesting to see how Apple take on integrating the Maps app with the current lifestyles of people and connecting individuals together with businesses to help them gain customers as well with restaurants, hotels, nearby small retailers, etc.

The Maps app will next move to Europe soon.

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