Google Plans To Bring This Console Gaming Feature To Android

Over the years, mobile games evolved from PUBG to Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile and even GTA San Andreas. These games together led us to the fact that mobile games can be big in the near future. Hence, continuing with the similar leap of faith, gaming on Android smartphones might soon include one big feature coming from console devices.

According to XDA-Developers, an evidence shows that Google is currently working on an Incremental File System which will let users enjoy using their apps and games even when they are in the middle of being downloaded to the Android devices.

An in-depth analysis of the Google documentation showed that this special-purpose Linux virtual file system will allow execution of a program even when it’s binary and the resource files have not been completely downloaded over the network.

Google has specifically mentioned that this feature would be applicable even for apps and games that large in size.

The inspiration behind this feature has been Microsoft and Sony who with their consoles first allowed users to play some part of the games before the download finishes. In Google’s implementation, you might still see the loading screen when the app would move onto parts that are not downloaded already but the firm’s “hot blocks” will get it going.

Google is currently testing the feature on Pixel 4 XL and will roll out with the Android 12 update. However, there is no official confirmation about whether the developers will have to specifically update their games to make the Incremental File System work or Google will assist them in that regard as well. Nonetheless, Android gaming is going to be one step better!

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