A breakdown of the new features on Android 11

Google has offered its developers an early ‘beta’ preview of Android 11, its latest mobile operating system. According to Google, the new OS will roll out to the general public before the end of this year. But before that, here is an exclusive preview of some interesting features that may be a part of the upcoming Android 11.

Bubbles – Similar to Facebook’s chat head feature, the ‘bubbles’ will make it easier to access conversations through a floating icon. As of now, the bubbles are compatible with Google Messages only but we can expect it to resonate with other messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Signal in the future.

Conversations – In tandem with bubbles, the conversations will give you a separate notification for every message that you receive through Google Messages.

Better app permissions – To enhance security, Android 11 will allow the users to give apps temporary permission to access the device’s camera, microphone, and location data. The same feature is also available on iOS.

One-time permission in Android

Screen recording – The feature was tested out in Android 10’s beta but failed to appear in the final rollout. However, the screen recording feature is expected in Android 11 and will enable mobile users to record their screen.

Other changes that are anticipated includes:

· Automated dark mode

· Motion Sense gesture, compatible with Pixel 4 that will play or pause music

· Touch-sensitive setting that works with Pixel 4 screensavers

· Pin the apps

· 5G integration

· Better support for displays

· Airplane mode that will not turn off Bluetooth audio

· Improved privacy and security features

Currently, the above-mentioned features are only part of the developer beta version and will potentially be available with the new operating system. Stay tuned with us for more updates and news on upcoming features.

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