Microsoft’s Defender Antivirus App Comes to iOS and Android

While most people would associate the name Microsoft with Windows or Microsoft Office, its two most widely used and highly popular products, the fact of the matter is that the tech company has a lot of other really popular and effective products in its range as well, and many of them are used so often that people forget how closely they are linked to one of the biggest tech companies in the world at this current point in time that we are presently living in.

The Defender antivirus is one of these popular tool, and it is widely considered to be one of the most useful apps that Microsoft has ever come out with because of the fact that it is extremely effective at preventing viruses from having an impact on the computer that you are using. The only problem with this app is that it was erstwhile unavailable for users that were utilizing phones that operated iOS or Android, but it turns out that all of this is about to change which is definitely good news for people that wanted to use this app but were unable to so far.

This is in line with Microsoft’s expansions of its product line, having made Defender available for Mac OS as well as for Linux last year. This is the app’s first foray into mobile usage however, and the truth is that there really isn’t all that much of a trend concerned with trying to find antivirus programs for mobiles but this is probably going to change as malicious actors renew their focus on smartphones and start to create viruses and other kinds of malware that will specifically target these kinds of technology. Microsoft may just end up being a trailblazer in this regard, or it might potentially create an app that not enough people end up using.

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