Facebook' Market Research App Will Pay For Using Voice Recordings Of Users

Facebook is working to improve its speech recognition technology and for that it will be paying users for voice recordings that will be used during the process. The step was taken after tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft including Facebook were caught using the voice recognition illegally, without informing users to improve the speech recognition systems.

Under a new program, Pronunciation, in Viewpoints market research app, users will be able to make voice recordings. Once the user is qualified for the program, they will have to record the phrase “Hey Portal” and then say the first name of a friend from the Facebook friend list. Names of up to 10 friends can be taken and every statement has to be recorded twice.

The payment, however, will not be much. After completing one set of recordings, 200 points will be given to the user in the Viewpoints app. Users will be able to cash only after making 1,000 points and will be paid $5 for it through PayPal.

According to Facebook, a voice recording will not be shared on the Facebook profiles of users. In fact, none of the Viewpoints’ activities will be shared on Facebook or any other related platform without permission of the user.

The Pronunciation program might not be available to all users. Initially, US users above 18 years with more than 75 friends will be able to avail it and later it will be rolled out to other users. Viewpoints app does not need to be updated, rather it will automatically show if the program is available.

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