Maintaining Perfect Feed Is Taking Tool On Social Media Influences

The influencer industry is becoming a giant in the branding and marketing business. Who would have thought that making small videos on YouTube can land someone as the ambassador of the biggest makeup brand or a sport franchise? At a timid age of just 3, there are toy reviewers earning millions through just their YouTube channels. Fame and money are no longer just confined to a specific class, it is now accessible to all. As these things become accessible for all, what is the price that everyone has to pay? As the generation Z is becoming leaders in the content creating industry, problems like mental health are becoming alarmingly high. Most of the people are still trying to figure out the reason as the turn-off or social media cleanse is becoming very common.

Just in the starting few weeks of 2020 some big influencers and YouTubers took a leave from their work or as most are calling it as going on a social media detox. It is a general perception that using social media or being a YouTuber is an interesting job so, most of the content creators enjoy it and they don’t need a break. Most influencers when asked about their social media rescission describe it as a way of staying away from negativity, they feel that they are growing and making mistakes publicly which is making them a direct subject of public humiliation and anger. While taking a small break they can resume their energy and come back to work. The question remains the same in this situation, is this really true?

When asked about the depression and mental health, famous YouTuber and now host of a famous TV show, Lily Singh said she came home from work one day and cried on the kitchen floor. She felt like she was working like a machine and this was taking a toll on her mental health. Candian based YouTuber Elle Mills recently took a break from social media and the reason was the same. She has been quite open about her struggle with depression and the pressure she has been facing just to create the perfect content. Singh and Mills are not the only ones who quietly had their me-time, the list is long and yet growing. 20 years old lifestyle blogger Summer McKeen is also one of them, she recently took a break from social media. Considering that only female influencers are taking social media breaks is not true, YouTube royalty PewDiePie recently took a social media break too.

The pressure of performance takes the joy away; it makes the fun turns into a struggle really fast which is the reason most of the social media influencers no longer feel they are enjoying something while they are scrolling through social media. Their mind has been trained to give them hints that they are still working which makes it exhausting for them to continue. As pretty as the social media influencers job might feel, imagine living in a way where the only way to escape reality is social media yet you can’t feel relax because you are facing trolls and being a subject to memes. Experts say that most of the mainstream artists are facing the same issue but they have means to cope with the situations but these teens are exposed to fame at such a tender age that they don’t have resources to deal with the situation, which is the reason it is more damaging for them as compared to mainstream media artists.

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