LinkedIn Now Offers Special Interview Preparation Tools

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or experienced professional, interviews at any work organization can make us all a bit nervous. While we all go in with optimistic thoughts and the aim to secure the job for ourselves by all means, deep inside we also have our fears and they, of course, originate because of the questions that the employers can ask.

But amidst all what you feel on the interview day, have you ever thought about a platform that could guide you about all the guaranteed common questions that can come in your interview? LinkedIn announced about the similar idea with the name “interview preparation tools” last June.

The world’s largest social networking site for professionals had the plans to offer a separate section that includes all the questions that you should know the answer to for a successful interview. Hence on 24th Jan, the company implemented on them and decided to start off by being more specific, and the first industry that they are catering to is Sales and Finance with their new tools.

According to LinkedIn, users of the new preparation tool will find questions revolving account management, relationship management, sales development, and customer success. So it doesn’t matter if you are from the sales industry, want to go into investment banking, wealth management or corporate finance, these questions cover all of what can be asked from you.

Going into more detail, the Senior Director of Product Management Blake Barnes also explained that users can now depend on the interview preparation tools for more than 2 million jobs, that are to be found on LinkedIn in the field of Sales and Finance. It’s the best resource to prepare yourself and be more confident for the interview (which eventually puts up a great impression on the employer).

The Interview Preparation Tools can be accessed through the Applied Jobs page.

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