Google introduces AI-powered tool AutoFlip to auto-adjust video dimension

Most videos for TV are created in landscape mode and generally, we don’t have any trouble viewing the same. However, the problem arises when we apply aspect ratios like 16:9 and 4:3 to the videos as the content usually doesn’t fit the display accurately.

Luckily, Google's Artificial Intelligence team has a solution for his problem. This week they unveiled their AutoFlip tool that would allow video reframing through AI technology. According to the details provided by Google, the AutoFlip is an open-source tool that would automatically crop the video as per the desired aspect ratio.

Up until now, traditional approaches such as static cropping were applied to reframe video. However, the results were usually unsatisfactory while video curators also had to put in a lot of effort to track each frame of the video.

But the AI technology used in AutoFlip eliminates the manual work and automatically detects the changes in each scene, using the color histogram of each frame. It then compares the frames and makes reframing decisions accordingly.

The AI integrated into AutoFlip also identifies interesting objects in the scene such as people, animals, logos, and motions. According to Google, this AI would enable developers to add ‘advanced’ detection algorithms for various cases and video content in the future.

AutoFlip chooses a reframing strategy, based on the content of the video. The strategies include:

· Stationary: In this mode, the viewport remains fixed in one position, allowing the audience to view prime content throughout the scene.

· Panning: This mode moves the viewport at a constant velocity.

· Tracking: As the name implies, this feature offers continuous and steady tracking of objects as they move around the frame.

AutoFlip determines the cropping window for each framing in accordance with the selected reframing strategy.

The feature is currently being made available to developers and video creators. Google also plans to advance the AI detection methods in future versions of AutoFlip.

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