Google-owned Jigsaw comes up with a tool to spot fake and tampered images

Image editing software are quite popular nowadays and even the non-techy user can alter existing photographs, according to their preference. Unfortunately, this has also opened a platform for the ‘bad actors’ to modify photos for their advantage and malicious acts.

However, Jigsaw, owned by Alphabet is working on ways to reduce the upcoming danger. Their latest offering called ‘Assembler’ has the ability to detect forged images and assist the journalist community in vetting out the manipulated content.

According to Jigsaw, Assembler analyzes each image thoroughly and looks for image manipulation, like deep fakes. The advanced forms of image modification may seem convincing to the human eye but can be easily detected by the computer and AI – and Assembler aims to do just that.

As of now, Assembler is still in the early stages of development and can only be used by journalists and fact-checkers to ensure the authenticity of their content. Since, the spread of fake news over the internet shows no signs of slowing down, tools like Assembler can help reduce their effect.

Along with Google, companies like FotoForensics and Forensically are also helping internet users in understating doctored images via their online tools.

Photo: Jigsaw

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