New Facebook Group Insights to Reveal Mod and Admin Activities

Facebook groups are an example of how the social media platform has managed to remain relevant in the modern day and age in spite of the constant competition that the platform is currently facing, competition that may just make it impossible for the platform to continue with broadening its horizons. Groups have allowed people to stay connected to one another as well as to use these groups to form actual communities, and some of these communities are actually pretty huge if you look at just how many members have decided to become a part of them.

However, in order to make sure that these communities are able to function in any real capacity, admins and moderators have to be assigned, and Facebook has been trying quite hard to make sure that these community managers are able to do the job that they have been assigned without having to worry about how they are going to go about fulfilling this duty in the first place. Giving these mods and admins access to data and insights is a good way to do so, but the latest addition that Facebook is making to these insights could prove to be even more crucial to making the jobs of admins easier than anything they had seen before.

These new insights don’t have anything to do with the group itself, but rather the activities of the moderators as well as admins. You will now be able to see things like the member requests each mod and admin approved or declined, as well as the posts each admin or mod has approved of, declined to allow into the group or indeed removed.

This is immensely useful because it will leave a record of the activities that the people in charge of the group are taking part in, and this will lead to increased accountability for everyone involved. This is the kind of feature that has the potential to transform the way we use the groups section, as well as make it a great deal more useful with regards to the kind of benefits it can potentially end up providing.

Hat Tip: Matt Navarra

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