Google Chrome Browser Might Get Live Caption Feature Soon

Most of the time people that are suffering from some kind of hearing disability are going to have a tough time getting the kind of experience that they are truly looking for because of the fact that very few pieces of audio out there have been equipped with captions and the like, and this means that there is a whole world of audio out there that people that are hard of hearing will have a very tough time enjoying since no consideration has been made in order to make it possible for them to overcome their disability.

At last year’s Google I/O, the tech giant announced that it has been working on live captions for quite some time now. These live captions (that are currently available only on limited smartphones) were basically going to be generated through a software that would be able to convert the sounds that it is hearing into letters and words, thereby making it possible for people that are hard of hearing to look into the various ways in which they would be able to actually enjoy some of the audio based mediums such as podcasts that most other people end up taking for granted all in all.

A new commit that has been discovered in the source code of the Google Chrome browser is an indication that live captions might come to this service soon. This commit is called SODA, or Speed On-Device API, and while it can be used for other things it is absolutely essential for live captions and since Google has hinted that it will provide such captions it seems likely that this is the sort of thing that is being used in order to make this new feature possible. Since Google Chrome is a very widely used Google product, this means that the live caption feature is probably going to be used by lots of people.

Google Chrome Browser Might Get Live Caption Feature Soon

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