Facebook Messenger Will Let You Watch Videos With People

One of the most important aspects of the types of technology that we are working with in the modern age is that they help us connect with people that are far away from us. Watching something with a loved one is the kind of experience that can really help you to enjoy yourself quite a bit as well as bond with the person that you are watching said content with, whether it is a movie or an episode of a TV show or perhaps a video that is available on the platform of your choice and has been made by some other kind of content creator.

The only problem is that there aren’t many services that let you watch videos together with people through the internet, and Facebook is trying to remedy this. While there have been some apps that have provided a service that lets you watch content with people you are not physically close to, most of them have not been good at providing the service and what’s more is that they were often rather one dimensional which often leads to them being discarded when they are no longer necessary.

Facebook’s new Watch Party feature works in tandem with Messenger, and if you basically are video chatting with someone on the platform this means that you would also be able to avail the option of watching videos with them. There would be a list of videos to choose from, and one thing to note is that you will only be able to watch videos that are already available on Facebook so this won’t work for watching Netflix or YouTube with a long distance loved one. Still, it is an important new feature, one that would most certainly be used quite a bit and it will help Facebook users get a much better experience out of the platform.

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