Apple continues to dominate the smartphone market

Samsung may be considered an industry leader for Android phones with a consumer base spread worldwide but when it comes to the U.S. region, the Apple company continues to keep a strong grasp on the smartphone market.

Counterpoint Research released its annual data of the smartphone market on Thursday where they revealed that Apple dominated the U.S. market in 2019 while Samsung was renowned for creating the most successful Android devices. According to their report, iPhone models held six spots in the top ten phones of the year. The phones included iPhone XR, 11, 8, 11 Pro Max, 7, and XS Max.

When it comes to Android, Samsung Galaxy A50 was ranked as the most successful smartphone for 2019. The other positions were taken by Galaxy A10, OPPO A5, and Galaxy A20. However, Apple phones saw unprecedented sales – that was unmatched by any Android model.

Apple iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy A50 ranked as the most successful smartphone of 2019

The data from Counterpoint’s research also shows the smartphone manufacturer’s dominance by region. While North American residents were captivated by the features of the iPhone, Europeans preferred a combination of both – Samsung and Apple devices.

As anticipated, the Chinese favor their own brands like Oppo and Vivo rather than opting for foreign models. Huawei phones that are banned from the US also saw success only in China and landed in the country’s top 5 list.

2019 Global Top Selling Smartphone Market Share by Regions - chart

Interestingly, Google’s phone – Pixel was missing from the list completely! It seems like Google has a lot to work on if it wants to stand alongside Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and even Motorola.

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