Google tests floating conversations on its Android Messages app

‘Bubbles’ is a new feature in Android 10’s API that allows apps to put messages and other functions in a floating bubble layout.

Although the feature is expected to fully roll out in Android 11, Google is already on its feet and testing support for Bubbles.

Initially, Google kept the feature available in the OS for developers prior to the release of Android 11. However, it is encouraging the developers to start working on the Bubbles API.

In fact, the tech giant is showing the developers how it’s done by testing the same feature on its Messaging app.

XDA Developers tested the Bubbles feature on their Android 10 device and reported that a floating bubble appears immediately after launching the Google Messages app. they also said that the Bubbles could be expanded to a window where the users can see their message thread, outgoing messages, and the replies they see in the full app.

When a new message appears, the users can also see a preview of it in a bubble. If they don’t check, the preview fades away and a simple notification dot takes its place. Tapping it will open the message while the X button at the bottom of the screen would remove the bubble from the screen.

Users can also opt for the original Google Messages app by going to the notification tab and disabling the Bubbles.

Google is testing the Bubbles feature on Android Messages app.

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