Instagram to give a boost to help request process, several tools to hit the app

Instagram is finally working on their support and appeals process to let the users navigate easily. The company has launched two new features in order to aid in the process.

It was not easy to report an account or post before, but it will be now. Instagram is making things easier for users by allowing dedicated ports on their apps to deal with these problems.

Although the changes are mainly for ‘Safer Internet Day’ but it is largely because of the hundreds of complaints that Instagram has received in the past time about the inefficiency of the company to take action against reports from users.

More transparency when you report something

The first of the feature, that was first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, is ‘Support Inbox’ where you can see all of your appeals made to Instagram and check their status as well. It will literally be a sigh of relief for users, especially for bloggers, influencers, and celebrities who face harassment and cyber-bullying every day.

In this feature, Instagram will also be giving suggestions to users in case their appeal gets denied. It will also tell them how they can block the user or mute them right away.

The next feature is, in reality, a new interface for suspended accounts. Now, you no longer have to knock on the door of the help portal online, instead, Instagram will take you through the whole appeals process when you log in with your credentials. According to Instagram team, "This feature will be rolling out over the coming weeks."

Instagram is always working to improve the user experience on its platform, but still, they are dealing with a lot of problems. Well, they had to start at some point!

Finally, Better appeals process for disabled accounts

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