Front End Engineer, Java Developer, Data Scientist: These Are The Best Job Roles in America for 2020

Technology has always been in demand for the last few decades. It has transformed the way we spend our life, run business, communicate and live. Overall, the impact is huge which is the reason there is no job without the requirement of technology in it. Most of the business industries run completely on technology and AI, be it construction, agriculture or simple retail. Overall, tech positions have dominated the job and recruitment market according to the list issued by Glassdoor. The list addresses the 50 best or highest-paying jobs in America for the year 2020.

According to the list, the top seven best and most highly paid jobs this year will include front-end engineers whereas the second most paying job will be Java Developer. The list further places, data scientist, product manager, development operations engineer, data engineer and software engineer at the rest of the five-position respectively. Furthermore, the list has around 20 positions solely dedicated to the tech industry out of the 50 best job positions list. These job positions are not just in tech-based companies, instead, these are tech roles in a variety of companies including the retail business, construction business, banking sector, etc.

Other tech-based jobs in the non-tech industry include SalesForce developer that stands on 14th position, applications engineer with 18th position, system engineer at 27th, scrum master at 29th, software developer at 32, cloud engineer at 33, product designer at 34, user experience designer at 38th spot, quality assurance engineer at 39, sales engineer at 42nd spot, data analyst at 44th, automation engineer at 46th whereas, a network engineer at 49th position. These jobs have been listed according to their demand in the market and how well these jobs pay in general.

In a separate recent report, LinkedIn claims that Artificial intelligence specialist and Robotics engineer are the two most in demand job roles. While, the list published by Glassdoor has front end developer at the first spot in America and this position has replaced the data scientist position that held the spot for the last four years. The data scientist is still considered a very thriving role yet the demand of front end developers is higher with 13,100+ job opportunities open at the time. This is double the amount of job openings for the data scientist positions (i.e 6500+) in America at the moment.

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