Google, Twitter and Facebook Take Measures to Help With Coronavirus

The coronavirus is one of the biggest pieces of news to hit the world in the past few weeks, and it has created quite a panic in a lot of ways. The main reason behind why this panic is occurring is because of the fact that this is a virus that we are not all that familiar with, and so medical researchers are struggling a little to find a cure that would be perfect for the long run as well as the short run in pretty much every single way all in all.

However, even though this virus is making everyone quite tense, there are a few big name tech companies that are probably going to help out quite a bit. These tech companies are uniquely positioned because of the fact that they are not only very wealthy and so can contribute quite a bit of financial investment into finding a cure as well as helping those that are struggling with the disease at present, at the same time they are also able to provide unique logistical benefits as well since they are purveyors of information and facilitators of communication.

Google has taken steps to help in its own way. Now when you search for “coronavirus” on search engine you are going to end up seeing a lot of other information as well, such as tips that would help to stem the spreading of the virus as well as tips that are meant to help you figure out what to do if you are in a situation where you feel like you might have contracted this virus in general.

Google is also donating a quarter of a million dollars to the Chinese Red Cross to help with the relief effort, another thing that will undoubtedly help improve the situation on the ground in a really big way.

Google is not the only company that has been contributing in this regard. One of the biggest problems associated with the outbreak of the coronavirus has to do with how much misinformation is spreading out there. Conspiracy theories have become much more common every since the corona virus started to become a part of the daily news cycle, and if there is one platform where misinformation spreads the most it is Facebook.

This is why the social network has been taking steps to try and prevent the spread of misinformation as much as possible by clamping down on all posts as well as content that is related to the coronavirus in pretty much any way, shape or form. The removal of this content, some of which is downright dangerous such as posts that claim that drinking bleach is a good way to treat yourself if you contract the virus, is a very good thing all in all.

Twitter is also joining the fight against misinformation and conspiracy theories. The thing about micro-blogging platform is that it’s where a lot of trending conversations occur, and the platform looked into the information was being spread. While there is quite a bit of misinformation, at the same time the platform did not see any concentrated efforts to spread lies but they have still allocated resources to try and curb the spread of misinformation all in all.

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