Apple in the race of introducing more ads for its services in iOS

Microsoft is not the only one to throw advertisements on its massive user-base about its services. From what we see, Apple is also taking part in the race to focus on giving out more ads than usual. You might see to sign up or avail subscription offers by Apple to try the new Apple services for their iPad and iPhone users.

Steve Streza came out with it on his blog while showing the ads by Apple that includes ads for Apple TV+, Apple News, Apple Card, Apple Arcade, and the iOS App Store. Not to mention that most of the ads by Apple are full-page ads that are extremely hard to avoid.

Streza mentioned in his blog that Apple is no longer focusing on giving great experience to its users, but is focusing more on encouraging or forcing them to try out their services with cold marketing techniques. Apple is focusing on increasing its service business, which is not expected to slow down in the coming years.

Apple is already advertising Apple TV+, News+, Arcade and Card on its iOS store along with others including Apple Music. If one is thinking that this will slow down in the future, then they are heavily mistaken.

Although Apple has the right to showcase their offers and services to its customers and entice them to follow them, but do not forget that they are ads after all. In short, we can say that just like other tech giants, Apple is another one who is trying to boost growth.

In the future, when Apple will try to expand their services you will see these ads more than you are seeing them right now, but still nobody is calling out Apple for this. Why? Because most of them are using their services or subscribe to their offers.

It’s of no use to block out Google ads from the Safari browser and introduce Apple’s unblockable ads of their products on it. We hope technology companies will adopt a better approach to reach the audience!

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