Trump Ran an Ideal Campaign in 2016, Says the Senior Director of Facebook

Bosworth, the Vice President of Facebook came out with the statement that President Donald Trump led an amazing digital ad campaign, which is one of the biggest reason behind his success in U.S. elections 2016.

At that time, Bosworth was overseeing the ads organization, which led him to make this statement. He made his comments in a 2,500 words memo that was first published by the New York Times.

Not only this information, but the memo was filled with various other important topics as well including Russian Interference in the 2016 U.S. election, Trump, and Cambridge Analytica. Many of you must be wondering what Cambridge Analytica is – It is a data a firm that gained access to the data of 87 million Facebook users, then used it to benefit the Trump’s Presidential campaign of 2016.

Bosworth wrote in his memo that it was not Russian interference that led Trump to win the elections, but his exceptional ad campaign that is the perfect example of proper usage of Facebook tools.

Trump ran an example ad campaign that did not run any false information or hoaxes, only the proper usage of tools and creativity led Trump to run an ideal campaign. Other than that, Bosworth pointed Cambridge Analytica as the snake oil.

No matter what you call Trump, but the stats shows that he used the right strategies to come in front of the people. In the end, promotions are everything and if you are on top of the news and feeds, then you are definitely catching the attention.

On the flip side, Cambridge Analytica should have better ways to benefit the campaign, but that’s done. Trump did outdo some other top advertisers of the online world, hence, the results.

Trump’s Campaign in 2016 is the Biggest Reason behind his Success in Elections
Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images

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