Twitch Once Again Ruled the Streaming Market Whereas Fortnite Faced A Downfall In 2019: Stream Elements Report

Streaming had a great year and in 2019 Twitching again stayed ahead of its rivals in terms of hours watched. Stream Elements’ report, the State of Stream for 2019 showed that 73% of shares of the streaming market belonged to Twitch, though it is 2% less than the last year.

League of League once again became the most popular game on Twitch whereas Fortnite that topped the chart last year, was ranked on the second number. The top streamer of Twichtch in 2019 was Tfue. World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons and similar old classics also gained the interest this year.

State of the Stream report by Stream Elements showed that the four prominent streaming platforms, Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and Mixer had stable growth in hours-watched in 2019.

Facebook Gaming and Mixer had a huge jump in their YoY growth, 210% and 149% respectively, whereas Twitch topping the chart had a 20% growth with 9.34 billion viewership hours. YouTube Gaming YoY growth was 16% in 2019, with 2.68 billion viewership hours.

The lion’s share of the streaming market remained with Twitch this year again, 73% whereas in 2018 it was 75%. Other streaming platforms grew, marking their presence at Twitch’s expense. YouTube Gaming is ending 2019 with a 21% market share, whereas Facebook Gaming and Mixer have a 3% share each.

On the list of top streaming personalities, Tfue, the Fortnite player was no.1 streamer on Twitch, with 87.78 million viewership hours in 2019. Shroud scored the second position (including Twitch and Mixer both), summit1g on the third spot (Twitch only), followed by Ninja (Titch and Mixer both) and Asmongold (Twitch only).

The top female streamer in 2019 was Saddummy on twitch, whereas Amouranth and itsHafu managed the second and third spot on the list of top female streamers.

League of Legends had 990 million viewership hours, with a 7% increase this year and became the top game on Twitch in 2019. Fortnite that topped the chart last year, was spotted on the second number, followed by Just Chatting on number three. With 277 percent growth, GTA 5 ranked on number four, whereas DOTA 2 was on the fifth spot.

Many new games were released in 2019, Apex Legends being popular among all others including Teamfight tactics, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, death Stranding and Anthem. Just Chatting which is not actually a game instead a kind of live vlogging had a 44% growth on Twitch.

The year streaming experienced a surprising trend, revival of classics. In 2019, the viewership hours of old classic, Dungeons and Dragons increased by 26%. The launch of World of Warcraft Classics also made a mark with its revival.

Among all other, Grand Theft Auto V witnessed a huge growth in its viewership hours with 227% on YoY basis.

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