Snapchat introduces new ‘deepfake’ feature worth over $160 million

The last decade brought numerous advancements in technology. While some were targeted to make our lives more convenient – many were developed to deceive innocent internet users.

One of them was the inception of ‘deepfakes’. For those who are not aware, deepfake is the process of using videos and replacing the subject with another via artificial neural networks. The protocol is usually a mode of deception and sometimes a form of entertainment.

According to a recent report, Snapchat is also developing its own deepfake technology. In fact, the popular social media channel has spent over $160 million on the purchase of AI Factory, a computer vision startup. Reports also state that AI Factory would assist Snapchat in its Cameos feature.

For those who are not aware of Snapchat, Cameos was launched on its platform last month. With the feature, the users can take a selfie that would automatically become animated and converted into a short video. As of now, the Cameos include 150 short videos that take your selfies in ‘real’ scenarios – without actually happening.

In some cases, Deepfake videos are misleading and can be potentially dangerous. Cameos is the first feature that has come out of Snapchat and AI Factory’s acquisition. Let’s wait and watch how the social network moderates the content and make it ‘fun’ for the user base.

Snapchat introduces new ‘deepfake’ feature worth over $160 million

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