Save yourself from cyber-theft by deleting this dangerous Google Chrome browser extension

The world nowadays is full of various tech giants all aiming to provide as many unique services to its users as possible and users in return rely more and more upon such services for almost the majority of the tasks.

Despite the attempts of the tech companies to provide unique services, the only reason a digital product gains more fame is due to the security it provides to its users.

In this era of internet and social media platforms, the only thing a user wants more is its data being secured and companies who offer such security gain more attention as compared to competitors.

According to a recent report, if you are using a Google Chrome extension called Shitcoin Wallet then save yourself from being a victim of cybercrime by deleting this extension immediately.

This Google Chrome extension contains a malicious code that can steal the private keys and credentials of users.

This Shitcoin Wallet is used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts to manage their Ethers and it’s primarily known as Ethereum Wallet and due to that, it is not much common among all the users of Google Chrome.

The extension of Ethereum Wallet is used by the cryptocurrency users to manage, transfer and Receive their Ethers and this extension is also used to interact with thousands of tokens of ERC20 that thrive on the blockchain of Ethereum.

According to the director of security of open-source blockchain platform named MyCrypto, this Google Chrome extension is accused of having major security risks as it is dangerous in two ways firstly the extension can inject malicious JavaScript code whenever a user visits any five known cryptocurrency platforms and secondly the ETH coins and ERCO-based tokens managed inside the Google Chrome extension are at risk.

If the malicious code injected by the Google Chrome Extension is activated on any of the five cryptocurrency managing sites including,,,, and Idex.Market it can result in the steal of login details and private keys of users.

According to Zdnet, not only the Google Chrome Extension but the desktop apps of Shitcoin Wallet for PC also contain similar malicious codes that can hack user personal information and what’s more shocking is the fact that the Shitcoin Desktop app passed the popular antivirus test and was recommended as safe to user.

In cryptocurrency exchange Upbit of South Korea, cryptocurrency of more than $49 million was stolen as reported by the Upbit CEO LEE Seok-woo that around 342,000 ETH was recently transferred to some unknown Ethereum Wallet and even though the CEO assures the cover for the loss of its customers but the rise in such cyber theft can only be prevented if the walled holders proceed with more caution.

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