Now you can bookmark movies and TV shows with a Watchlist Feature in Google Search

In this era of various video streaming services, it is becoming more difficult to keep track of all the content we watch.

We find a new video link in Google Search but usually forget its name later and that has to be the most annoying thing ever but not anymore.

Google - a tech giant known for its unique services to help its users in all the ways possible is now bringing a new feature aimed to bring comfort for the people who want to watch some content later.

Now with a new feature by Google Search, you can keep track of the content in this golden age of television and various streaming services.

For the ease of people looking for content to watch later, Google Search will now enable its users to quickly bookmark movies and TV shows with its built-in option named ‘Watchlist’.

The Content Knowledge Panel underneath trailers and still results by Google Search now also include a new card with ‘Watched it? Checkmark and ‘Watchlist’ bookmark icon.

The first option watched it is pretty simple and changes the text to ‘watched’ while the option of ‘watchlist’ creates a save for the users.

This new ‘watchlist’ option is directly linked to the broader bookmarking feature which spans over other features including Search, Maps and the Web.

The new ‘watchlist’ collection will feature cover arts for the film or show from your search results page and Google will also note what’s ‘Also on your watchlist’.

The ‘view all’ option will generate a search on the Google web or will open the specified section in the Google App where the lists from the watchlist can be shared.

The latter view by Google is more helpful for the users as it will show the release date of movies and TV shows underneath their posters.

Now with Google’s new feature, users can also see an option of ‘Get Tickets’ with movies still in theaters and when you’ll click on this button it will switch the page to the ‘Showtimes’ tab.

For now, this new functionality by Google Search is only available to users of Android and iOS through mobile versions of Web and Google App but we are hoping Google will soon release a version for Desktop users as well.

According to the reports, this watchlist feature is widely rolling out to various devices over the past few days and currently there’s no new way by Google to browse for the content you’ve ‘watched’ but there’s another tap revealed by Google that will remove the bookmark.

It pretty much becomes very difficult to keep track of all the content you want to watch later when you’re free and in the mood for some entertainment and this new watchlist feature by Google is another step by the tech giant to seize the opportunity.

The watchlist option by Google Search for movies and TV is pretty much straightforward and considered as optimization of collections as it’s pretty basic but useful and easy to use.

Screenshot: Reddit / TangibleFetus.

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