New Study Explains Engineers Are Narrow Minded

Stereotyping in this generation is quite common, most people like to stereotype others on the basis of their caste, creed, ethnicity or race. With the help of stereotyping, it becomes easier to categorize or generalize people, which makes it simpler for everyone to understand that person. Previously, race, color, creed or ethnicity were the only ways to characterize people because living in a certain environment only makes it easier for others to predict the behavior of people. There are several studies to ranked people on the basis of their profession, this can be the way they associate things, their compassion or way of communication.

A recent study says that engineers are narrow-minded, the accusation might feel quite offensive for few, which is the reason there is a proper explanation behind this. According to the researchers, engineers are trained and educated in a way that they learn to opt logic which leads them to a certain answer. They do not have any way of thinking out of the box. In most cases, engineers are seen to work on their own without any assistance, they prefer to concentrate on work and interact less with others. However, not all engineers are introvert, which is the reason overall stereotyping is never appreciated.

When asked about the solution, experts said that the fault is not in the human mind or the profession in this case. Instead, the fault is in the education system where engineers are just asked to run down in numbers and they lose their sense of individuality or creativity. They become more goal or solution-oriented which is completely opposite to what we see in art or literature students. The research was conducted between two samples of recently graduated engineers and students who were studying engineering. The research concluded that just by having mindfulness, people can have better the ability to generate ideas as well as bringing originality to their thinking. This will help them step out of their algorithm thinking strategy making them more acceptable towards new ideas. Moreover, this will bring more originality to the work and more kindness in behavior helping them to minimize the number of times they think about being profit-oriented, which makes them more people-oriented.

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