TikTok is experimenting with a more secure stream for brands to advertise after being accused of promoting unbearable content on its platform

Due to the increase in disturbing footages on the platform, TikTok will be providing a more secure platform aimed to help advertisers.

This social video app is pretty much famous among teenagers and this new update by the app to provide a better stream could include some specified content from the growing fans of TikTok creators or could also include a feed of original videos created by pro publishers.

This new move by TikTok would enable the platform to charge more to premium brands for advertising on the specified feed of videos as compared to content already existing in the feed.

The fear of big brands and advertising agencies regarding their advertisements running alongside illegal user-generated posts could also fade away with this new decision by TikTok as with this wise step the video streaming platform will only be running selected advertisements on a specified feed.

TikTok owned by a $75 billion Chinese Tech Company named ByteDance gained the rank of more than 1 billion monthly active users within a span of three years and is also leaving behind many rivals with its content moderation capabilities.

Since 2015, another social video app named SnapChat has built its ‘Discover’ tab specifically aimed to advertise magazine-style editorial content from various media groups includes the Wall Street Journal, Conde Nast and the app splits the sales of advertisements with those partners under the revenue-sharing agreements.

The brands on Snap can also run video advertisements in the Discover section by simply paying a higher price for ads.

Last month, TikTok was accused by several researchers that the platform is advertising along with inappropriate content including violence against women which was violating the policies of the app.

In response to the accusations, TikTok made a move by replicating the format of Snap in an attempt to monetize the app. Along with that, the video-sharing platform is also investing in new recruitments from its rivals including Facebook and Snap to develop new tools for advertisers.

The new tools by TikTok also include enabling the platform to purchase advertisements directly from the platform without going through any account manager.

According to the statements by Blake Chandlee, the head of TikTok’s US ads partnership department, given in an interview last month, the app is also considering to make a new way for its users to directly shop from brands and for now these efforts are at early stage and there’s no confirm deadline for it yet but the type of creativity the platform is showing not just towards its users but also towards the advertiser community is no doubt exciting and we are looking forward towards more unique and creative features provided by the app to make the platform more secure for not just users but also for all sorts of brands as well.

Photo: Wachiwit via Getty Images

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