7 Logo Design Trends to Watch for in 2020

Branding is very important to the success of any business. This is because; it is the company’s face that connects it with the customers, as well as prospects and broader audience. For this reason, you should make it as unique and special as much as you can.

Logo design forms a major and significant niche in graphic design. They are however the most stable as they are not frequently changed. A log design can go for decades before it is changed. However, it is also important to stay up to date when it comes to design trends to remain relevant in the market. Below are a few logo design trends that are probably to be followed in 2020.

1. Creating your own logo using an online logo maker

Hiring a logo designer can be a lengthy process and very stressful if they are not showing you enough mock-up of logos to select from. You might want to consider using a free logo maker online. There are plenty out there but you need to make sure they have professional logo templates to choose from. For example the logo maker at Logomyway has hundreds of professional logos to choose from. It’s free to customize your logo, but you will need to pay a small fee to get the high resolution files. You can edit your logo until it’s exactly the way you want it.

2. Cartoon Logos

Many people are walking on this path of using cartoon logos as they are often times connected with entertaining, bright and happy moods. If you have a brand that can comfortably fit in these descriptions, then a cartoon logo should be your choice. These logos are the best if you are looking forward to winning the hearts of your potential clients.

Illustration: Freepik / user13949117

The cartoon logos also come in handy if you are dealing with products that are associated with kids. If you want to attract the attention of thousands of potential customers (children) a cartoon logo will do perfectly well.

3. Geometric logo framing

Although the geometric framing logos have been used for decades now, their popularity is growing more with time. The geometric logo trend expected in 2020 will be more unique and subtle than the common geometric logos in use. The new trend will be geometric shapes being used as framing devices.

Via: Dribbble / smartlogos

Geometric framing is more advantageous compared to the “broken box” concept. This is because; it is more flexible and able to handle different unique logos. The logo gives you an opportunity of defining and interacting with different geometric shapes.

4. Raw and imperfect logos

Proudly hand-drawn logos are becoming the next big thing in the graphic design industry. These logos have a special and unique feeling and significance to many companies. The celebration of writing and drawing greatly enhances the artistic appearance of the company’s brand. If you are looking for a way of keeping off from smooth and faultless logo design, sketchbooks are the way to go.

Source: 99designs / subtropica

Shading skills, unbalanced drawings, and patchy lines are ruling the graphic design industry. For that reason, imperfect designs are now being considered perfect for branding. Try it out and let your company’s logo stand out among the rest.

5. Use of thin lines in logos

Digital media has decided to leave its mark on logo design in 2020 like never before. Designers are slowly pushing envelopes with exceedingly delicate lines that create effects which are only able to work in the digital field. Now that it is possible for logos to exist exclusively online, more complex logos are being invented with time.

Via: 99designs / undrthespellofmars

Thin-lined logos are smooth, theoretical, and difficult to design without computer assistance. This is the reason why it's becoming more popular in industrial and tech branding. This is a sure expression of the future of technology and the mysterious surprises awaiting us in future.

6. Animated logos

Animated logos play a very big role in influencing our brains when it comes to relaxation. The animated logo is even able to convey the consumer’s feelings when he/she uses that particular product. At the same time, it works wonders when it comes to diluting the boredom that can be brought about by technology.

Dribbble / Nikita Melnikov

Animated logos are not new in the market. In fact, they have been there for decades now. However, today’s designs are more complicated, more appealing as well as more useful to the companies that rely on them. Today’s logos are more intricate with various moving parts.

7. Symbolic icons and shapes

The use of symbols in designing logos is also not new in the logo design industry. Brands like Starbucks, Apple and Nike are best examples that use shapes and icons as their logos. Although not many companies have employed this technique in the past, things are likely to change in 2020.

Courtesy of: Logopond / Vasvari

In 2020, we expect the use of emblems and symbols to become more noticeable and flawless blended among the other logo designs. This is a unique technique that companies use to communicate the reason behind the creation of their product.


When looking for a logo for your brand, choose one that communicates your true feeling to your clients. Although it is very much possible to get caught up in trends, and be tempted to go with what many other people prefer, always try to be original.

A well-done logo must be relatable and stable at the same time. Let your logo be straightforward and classic. These simplified logos are slowly but strongly finding their way back in the year 2020.
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