Instagram may soon Allow you to Share Stories in which your Account is Mentioned!

Instagram never ceases to amaze us, doesn’t it? The Facebook-owned media sharing service has been on a roll lately when it comes to introducing exciting features. Over the last year or so, Instagram has been emphasizing on its Story feature and for all the right reasons! Speaking about Stories, it looks like another cool feature might be on the horizon!

Renowned social media app researcher Matt Navarra recently tweeted about a new option he spotted while using Instagram. According to him, an “@” option has been added to Instagram’s “Create” mode. The purpose of the said option is to allow users to share Stories in which they find their accounts mentioned/tagged.

Navarra also attached a couple of screenshots with his tweet that help us understand the possibly new option better. As you can see, a “See All 3” button can be seen at the top, when you access the “@” option. Tapping on this button will show you a list of thumbnails of Stories that have your profile tagged at that point of time (Navarra's Instagram handle was mentioned in 3 stories when the screenshot was taken).

You can then select any Story from the list and share it.

Brands and Influencers can strongly benefit off of this option as it would make it easier for them to boast about the feedback they are receiving from the customers/audience.

Before you get all excited about using this feature, please note that it’s still unknown whether this option is available or meant for all Instagram users around the world, or it’s just in the testing phase for now and only a handful of users can access it. It could be that the feature is only being developed for business and creator accounts. The social media service in question has yet to issue a comment on the “@” option.

You are welcome to access your Instagram “Create” mode and confirm whether you have this feature or not. Stay tuned for further details regarding this story.

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