Is YouTube Alienating Creators by Supporting False Copyright Claims?

The main purpose behind the copyright policy that YouTube adheres to has to do with numerous different aspects with preserving the artistic licenses of companies that create songs, movies and the like being perhaps the single biggest factor that would end up having a serious impact on this sort of thing at the end of the day. However, one common complaint that people have made about this copyright policy is that it really makes it difficult for YouTubers to do their job properly, something that can be seen in how often false copyright claims are supported.

Recently a company by the name of Studio 71 made a lot of false copyright claims on content that they did not own, and this resulted in many highly lucrative videos that several YouTubers had created being taken down for no good reason. Not only does this mean that YouTube failed to investigate the copyright claims that had been made, it is also failing to penalize companies that make fake claims even though it has an enormously negative impact on the livelihoods of the various creators that are just trying to find a way to make things work in their favor.

What YouTube needs to understand is that without its creators it wouldn’t be nearly as big of a platform as it is right now. One of the main reasons behind why people go to YouTube in the first place has to do with the content that these YouTubers actually make, and without the content it’s fair to say that Google-owned platform will lose its mojo. More work needs to be done in the area of copyright claims, and YouTube needs to start protecting its creators because at the end of the day these creators might very well end up abandoning this platform for another one that they find to be much more beneficial and secure for them all in all.

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