James Charles, Felix Kjellberg, Jeffree Star: The 10 Biggest Social Media Influencers, Based on Google Search Data [infographic]

The year 2019 was the year of influencers who made our social media platforms interesting with their everyday challenges. They also gave brands an additional way to promote their products and services to a wider audience through various forms of endorsements.

Stories, videos, and posts – our favorite influencers dominated mostly all the major social networks, where they shared new and innovative content at almost every moment.

However, when it comes to follower counts, likes, and Google searches – some influencers stood out more than others did. Here, let us take a look at some of the most popular influencers of 2019, according to their volume of Google searches.

1. James Charles (3,510,950)

James Charles is the first male ambassador of Cover Girl. He is renowned for his videos related to beauty techniques on YouTube. As of May 2019, he had over 15 million subscribers on the popular video streaming platform.

2. Felix Kjellberg (2,803,506)

Popularly known as PewDiePie, the Swedish-born social media influencer is the most followed YouTube star of all time. He also has a massive following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with over 120 million followers accumulating on all four platforms.

3. Jeffree Star (2,147,120)

Jeffree Star is an American makeup artist and owns a cosmetic by the same name. He is also a DJ and frequently posts content regarding his music on YouTube and Myspace.

4. Marie Kondo (1,095,730)

Also known as Konmari, Mari Kondo is a Japanese-based organizing consultant. She has also penned four books related to organizing and is famous for her decluttering tips.

5. Huda Kattan (1,012,590)

Huda Kattan has a whopping 31.8 followers on Instagram. Owner of the popular cosmetic brand, Huda Beauty, Kattan uses her social media networks to share the latest trends in the beauty industry.

6. Dan Middleton (795,270)

Popular by his online name DanTDM, Middleton is a British YouTuber. His videos usually contain news related to the latest video games.

7. Chiara Ferragni (589,940)

The Italian fashion blogger uses her social media influence to promote various fashion and beauty brands. She is ranked in the first position as the ‘Top Fashion Influencers’ in Forbes list.

8. Alastair Aiken (373,190)

Known online as Ali-A, Aiken is British YouTuber known for his videos on Fornite and Call of Duty. His YouTube channel has over 16 million subscribers with more than 4 billion views.

9. Lilly Singh (313,430)

Lilly Singh is a Canadian YouTube personality, comedian, actress, and TV show host. She is fondly called the ‘Superwoman’ in the online circle where she shares videos on life’s daily challenges.

10. Joe Sugg (276,530)

English YouTuber, actor, and author – Joe Sugg shares entertaining videos of his life on his official YouTube channel, Thatcher Joe.

These were the most searched social media influencers of 2019. Let’s see how many are able to hold their ranking during the next year! Meanwhile, do let us know who your favorite social media personality from the list is!

Chart courtesy of: Postbeyond.

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